Creating Bioproducts for Healthy and Safe Future

We provide end-to-end research and development services for biomedical products

Helping medical and biotechnology companies launch new products. We develop projects in the field of vaccine prophylaxis and recombinant products against various infections and medicines for biocorrection of the immune system with full-cycle production in Russia.

Following the principles of good clinical and laboratory practice

RBT Company is a trustworthy partner in fulfillment of your projects
completed biotechnological
in a team
patented immunobiological technologies
years of experience
of developing biological products
Agile Team of Biotechnologists
Combining the practical and theoretical experience of all team members, we create new biological products to meet the challenges.
Basic Technology Developer
We use our own patented technologies to reduce production costs: basic adjuvant technologies, recombinant antigens and immunobiological technologies.
We work without any intermediaries using our own equipment, from research to test production. We purchase reagents directly from manufacturers.

Our Projects

Development of a vaccine against coronavirus infection. Part of the HSCI team on the development of recombinant antigen technology and the vaccine itself
Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine with corpuscular adjuvant
Increasing the immunogenicity of the vaccine by using a corpuscular adjuvant
Hepatitis B vaccine with corpuscular adjuvant
Increasing the immunogenicity of the vaccine by using a corpuscular adjuvant
Recombinant tuberculosis vaccine
Elaboration of a laboratory technology for a recombinant tuberculosis vaccine in collaboration with the Pulmonology Institute of St. Petersburg
Quadrivalent flu vaccine "TetraFluBET" 
Development of an influenza quadrivalent inactivated subunit adjuvanted vaccine in collaboration with HSCI
Fundamental Technologies
Development of corpuscular adjuvants
Research and development of corpuscular adjuvant technology for enhancing the immune response of vaccines and improving the efficacy of weak antigens

About Us

"Biotech Development Company" (RBT LLC) was founded in 2011 by Professor Krasilnikov I.V. and Professor Sukhorukov G.B. for research and development of innovative medicines.
Combining research experience with successful practical implementation, RBT develops complex projects in the field of biopharmaceuticals.

RBT was one of the first companies to receive resident status in the Skolkovo Innovation Cluster in 2014.

In 2021, HSCI PJSC (owns 51%) joined the company. The joint development program with HSCI is focused on the development of a line of antiviral vaccines based on a patented technology platform .

In June 2022, the company was added to the list of participants of the project for creation and operation of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.


Igor Krasilnikov
PhD, Professor, Head of the Department of Immunobiotechnology, SPCFU. Vice-President of the Society of Biotechnologists of Russia
Artur Isaev
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of HSCI Group. Founder of "Gemabank" and "Genetico" Center
Pavel Pogodin

Founder, legal advisor

Taras Ivanishin

Preclinical and Clinical Research Coordinator

Milana Djonovic

Scientific consultant, technology consultant

Maria Frolova

Scientific consultant, technology consultant

"BioTech Development" LLC

TIN(INN): 7729687190
PSRN (OGRN): 5077746690907

Office: 18 Smolenskaya Street, Office 111-H, St. Petersburg, Russia, 196084
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The research is supported by grant from the Skolkovo Foundation

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